Every day at the vineyard is special.  But some days are REALLY special.  See the list of public events below.  If you are interested in hosting your wedding or private event at Loving Cup, learn more here.

At the Winery

Closed for Winter

Closed for Winter

Monday, December 16

Three months of slumber, sloth, and drinking wine. During this time, if you have a wine emergency, drop us an email (info@lovingcupwine.com), and we'll see what we can do. If not, we'll see you again in April. Thank you for your support and encouragement this year! (We'll need a ton of it next year too.)
Tasting Room Reopens for 2020

Tasting Room Reopens for 2020

Friday, April 3

New year = new vintages. And, of course, Werner's sangria (when it's finally warm again.)

And several new wines to share with you. Check Facebook for updates, but I can tell you now...one has BUBBLES!

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