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A long, scenic road winding into the hollow finishes on a hilltop overlooking our vineyard. Off the beaten path and well worth the drive. Taste the wines and then relax on the verandah with a couple bottles. Dog friendly. Picnic friendly.  Now with Limited Seating.  Reservations strongly encouraged.  Click HERE to make a reservation.  

We are still adhering to Phase 1 COVID protocols (the first and most comprehensive version from Spring 2020).  The plan makes both mandatory requirements and best practice suggestions in order to slow the spread of COVID-19.  We have adopted the following policies to adhere to Phase 1 guidelines; please read them before visiting us:

(the whole point of these policies is so you don't have to think about them; you can relax because everyone is being safe)

  • We are currently not accepting cash.  Credit or debit cards only please.  Your server will explain how the transaction can be safe.
  • All tables have been spaced in excess of 6 feet apart from each other and walking paths.  These tables are available on a first-come basis, so reservations are strongly encouraged.  Because of space constraints, tables for two will be on the upstairs porch and tables for three-six will be on the downstairs porch.
  • Reserving a table takes 1 minute, and can be done by clicking HERE. Reservations are for 90 mins.  If you arrive late, your reservation end time will not be extended.  (The reservation system spreads out our guests evenly over the day so our staff can still provide excellent customer service while juggling all of the additional work required by COVID protocols.)
  • No groups larger than 6 guests.  This number includes children, but does not include leashed pets.
  • We will accept walk-ins (guests without reservations) if space is available.  If the same day, please call ahead (434-984-0774) to ask about availability.  The lawn has been set aside for walk-in guests. 
  • You will be required to wear a face mask or face shield when you are not at your table or lawn space (so for like 2 mins between your car and your table and however many minutes during a restroom break).  Guests who do not bring face masks or face shields will not enter the property.  We also ask that you wear your mask/shield when we serve your table.
  • We are now offering tasting flights.  We are also selling bottles and glasses of wine and sangria.  Tasting flights are available to guests seated at porch tables, but not to guests on the lawn.
  • For now, we are serving wine in compostable cups.  I know it's a bummer, but COVID protocols strongly encourage us to miminize resuable glassware.  You are welcome to bring your own wine glasses from home if you like (only makes sense if buying a bottle though).  Or you can purchase one of our logo glasses to use here and take home with you.
  • You are welcome to bring food and (non-alcoholic) beverages.  We are currently not offering either.  We just ask that you clean up after yourselves.  Open-top trashcans will be spaced throughout.
Lastly, we understand that these policies may be inconvenient to some, but we feel it's a small price to pay for the for a safe, relaxing afternoon at an organic winery.


Tasting Room Hours

Saturday - Sunday • 11:00 am - 5:00 pm 
April - December (Closed Easter)





Loving Cup Vineyard Winery

3340 Sutherland Road
North Garden, VA 22959
phone: 434.984.0774
email: info@lovingcupwine.com
directions: view map

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vineyard at Loving Cup Winery

Loving Cup is conveniently located near many other Virginia wineries and attractions. Please be sure to make a day or a weekend out of your visit and enjoy the beauty and diversity of our area.

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